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A classic dream :)

A classic morning. I enjoyed my classic combination of pineapple and mint smoothie with a classic AB pictured song on the background - Jaha teri yeh nazar hai. Of-course it was combined with cozy chat with mom and my elder. Rest were enjoying the weekend sleep, which is usually a stretched one. ( Noooo! I am not complaining; I have had many of those as well :D ) 
With the song lingering my thoughts and lips having captured them, I walked to my younger, who was still dozing off with glory. I kissed her forehead. You see, best things in life are free; one being stealing a kiss from a sleeping innocent kid. With that best-thing-experienced smile on my face, I tweet into her ears-"Do you know the time, chinnu?". Turning her back to me, she said "What?". "It's almost 10" I asserted trying to turn her to my side. With a wide, bright smile, she said "Oh! its a dream?", eyes still shut. "You are smiling, that means you had a sweet dream? Is it?" I quipped, trying to take her into my lap. 

"A beautiful one!" she said with eyes open, smile intact and hands trying to embrace me. 

"Oh, you saw me", I tried to be naughty. 

"hmmmh huummmm" came a reply with a nodding head to say no. 

"Theeen, you saw you and me playing togather?" I continued. 

"hmmmh huumm" a same reply from her. 

"Then where you eating ice-creams?" I continued. ( Previous 2 nights have been ice-cream treat for kids; with maama(uncle) having returned from US after a  long-inevitable-stuck there and ice-creams being stocked in the refrigerator. I too indulged in some last night; that of-course took me on a short guilt trip )

"hmmmh huumm" came the reply again. 

Finally I gave up "You only tell me then?" 

"I will tell you later." she hugged. 

"Noooo, you are not doing that, I dont want to continue with my guessing work until then" I objected with a no look on my face.

"hmm, I saw a small house with a biiiiiiig garden." she smiled.

My no-look, instantly changed into a wide, hearty smile with that response. "That would me my beautiful dream as well." I said, hugging her back.

"Also, I saw a small chocolate house, in that small house." she added.

My smile now turning into laugh, "Thatz not a dream. The refrigerator is full of chocolates that mamma(uncle) has got. Its a chocolate house anyways now."

She could not control her laugh either. She was quick anyways and said "Oh, amma, the house of chocolate that I saw in the dream was a different one. You see, thatz a one which has no limits on kids. You see its a healthy one kinds where we kids are not restricted to have only a few.

We both burst into laughter and I thought that would be a classic dream. :)


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