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Fishing is a quest!

A pleasant day. It was drizzling as I drove my Climber. I was on my way to Bhaskar Arts to pick some art materials. They home deliver on WhatsApp-ing; however I find my reason(s) to go out for sometime. That keeps me sane. As I stopped at a signal, a man in his rags and may-be-50s, came to me and started talking.  He said "Amma, I have no one to take care. I have not eaten for 2 days. Please give me some money." "I will park the car, crossing the signal. There is a hotel there. I will get something for you to eat. Please come there." I replied. He got a little irritated. "Amma, give me money. I dont want food." I said "I wont give you money. I can get you food." "Why amma?" he questioned. "You might get into liquor store as I drop money into your hands." I was straight. He stared "Amma, liquor shop is 50 steps from here. You can find many people there. I don't even visit that place." I had all smiles. "I can

A classic dream :)

A classic morning. I enjoyed my classic combination of pineapple and mint smoothie with a classic AB pictured song on the background - Jaha teri yeh nazar hai. Of-course it was combined with cozy chat with mom and my elder. Rest were enjoying the weekend sleep, which is usually a stretched one. ( Noooo! I am not complaining; I have had many of those as well :D )  With the song lingering my thoughts and lips having captured them, I walked to my younger, who was still dozing off with glory. I kissed her forehead. You see, best things in life are free; one being stealing a kiss from a sleeping innocent kid. With that best-thing-experienced smile on my face, I tweet into her ears-"Do you know the time, chinnu?". Turning her back to me, she said "What?". "It's almost 10" I asserted trying to turn her to my side. With a wide, bright smile, she said "Oh! its a dream?", eyes still shut. "You are smiling, that means you had a sweet dream? Is it?&