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Corona days through my goggles

I woke up this morning after a straight seven hours sleep and feel like I can sleep another seven hours. A week long wisdom-tooth trouble and mostly closed dental clinics; direct me to pain killers. Being me, pills are usually not my escape route. Unless situations demand, I mostly seek sleep as an escape for physical pain. However, I have been managing with turmeric pastes, salt water gargles and clove oil to beat the sulking tooth ache. These are strange times. Aren’t they? An invisible virus called corona resulting in a pandemic that has caused the entire world to shutdown. Doesn’t it look more like a dream than a reality? Aren’t we living through the days that our future would read about, as not-so-easily-believable history?  I wonder, when are we going to wake up from this dream called reality!

With out a second thought, we humans have achieved the unachievable; reached the unreachable and there is no boundary to our limits. We all have been busy running a rat-race.  So busy that we have transformed our homes to just-resting-places; relationships to contact-building-means; jobs to money-growing-machines; education to bookish knowledge; examinations to capability-measuring-tools and environment to concrete-buildings. No doubt the pandemic has stolen our daily routines and robbed us of our socializing pleasures; but also has given us a chance to stop and look at our transformations. Are we truly happy about these transformations? Haven't our transformations robbed life of its worth?

Sometimes a crisis like this bring out the best in us. We all play different roles at different times. Situations like these require us to play a completely new and unexpected roles. Who would believe? Husbands have been 24/7 at home providing helping hands or at-least staying back home with helpless situations. Who would believe? Wives have been non-shopping, doing all house chores which would otherwise be vested on the maid’s hands. Who would believe? Men have not been to bars and women have not been to parlors. Who would believe? Children have managed staying at home being more understanding than most elders. Who would believe? People have made more fun of the serious problem and its situations than ever before. Who would believe? People have been entertaining themselves without the weekend mall trips; people have been building bodies without the gym visits; people have been watching movies without multiplexes; people have been educating themselves and their surroundings without schools and colleges; people have been enjoying tasty food without entering the restaurants and street food addas; people have been working (from home) without the traffic complains. Undoubtedly, life with pandemic still remains a struggle, but life continues with or without home, with or without job, with or without vaccine.

I agree, we are in times where there is so much of infused fear and uncertainty, or at-least that’s what the news tells us. But we can always stay aware and wise enough to re-frame and re-define the whole situation. Instead of looking at it as time of isolation, it can be looked at as time of solidarity and self reflection. Instead of feeling attacked, it can be a feeling at home. Instead of regretting the lost job, it can be a gratitude for having found our joys. Instead of viewing the quarantined world, it can be viewed as quiet and peaceful world. Instead of looking at it as a challenge of social distancing, it can be looked at as an opportunity to build immunity. Instead of fearing deaths, we can be confident of life and its evolution. Instead of thinking about the invisible corona, we can have faith in the invisible power.

Despite of everything that is happening around,  my goggles look at these lock-down days as a chance for us to transform our planet into a wonderful home to stay. Instead of looking at this pandemic as a threat, they prefer to look at it as an opportunity to change earth into a place of love and harmony, a place that embraces all species of flora and fauna, a place that is home for humanity that lives and let everyone live.


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