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Corona days through my goggles

I woke up this morning after a straight seven hours sleep and feel like I can sleep another seven hours.  A week long wisdom-tooth trouble and mostly closed dental clinics; direct me to pain killers. Being me, pills are usually not my escape route. Unless situations demand, I mostly seek sleep as an escape for physical pain. However, I have been managing with turmeric pastes, salt water gargles and clove oil to beat the sulking tooth ache. These are strange times. Aren’t they? An invisible virus called corona resulting in a pandemic that has caused the entire world to shutdown. Doesn’t it look more like a dream than a reality? Aren’t we living through the days that our future would read about, as not-so-easily-believable history?  I wonder, when are we going to wake up from this dream called reality! With out a second thought, we humans have achieved the unachievable; reached the unreachable and there is no boundary to our limits. We all have been busy running a rat-race.   So b

ಕಾಲಾಯ ತಸ್ಮಯೀ ನಮಃ

If I accidentally become a chef, I will add 'smiley heart' to biryani. Full stop.

14th of April, my younger who had feverish symptoms said "Amma, how I wish I become a new born baby or fall completely sick." Knowing her well, smiling I replied "How much more time do you expect me to be with you? I am all the while here with you." Giving a tight hug and feeling at ease on my lap, she gave a naughty smile "Its not the time, its the special attention that I get." I tried to deviate, "Where are your sisters? the elder and the younger? We need to decide the menu for tomorrow." She called out for her sisters, while she still savored the cozy bed that my lap offered her.  Kids wanted to help in all the house hold works including cooking. That's how they wanted to celebrate granny's birthday. I was with them on their call. Few years with kids help us learn a certain tactics very well. One of them is, things would best work if the decisions were theirs, specially when it comes to eating. I did not want to end up making di

I love my family the most!

Background: After a 10-day long lock-down for a meditation camp, we participants were handed back our valuables on 14th of March evening. We are in that fragment of the evolution where our cell phones are considered more valuable than our wallets. Thanks to google pay , paytm , money pay , paisa pay ; some of us even carry our wallets in the phone. Phones these days have become inseparable partners. As soon as the phone was in the hand, all of us got unwittingly busy.  Fortunately my phone ran out of charge and denied its company. I put my phone to charge and observed other known strangers (strangers because we were on vow of silence, we only knew each other by face, and by talk since few hours). Some were excited to share the meditation experience with their loved ones, while others were a little tensed; probably because of the invasion of uninvited guest, corona, in Bangalore. We were completely ignorant of the corona-happenings until then. Each one lost in their own world unaw