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Little things that make my day

Background: I was out on a 10 day meditation camp. Completely disconnected from the outer world, even unaware about the corona panic in the city and the cancellation of daughter's exams. I was back home from Davangere only yesterday, 15th March.

Some more background: My 8-year-young, younger daughter, has the habit of tearing pages and pinning them up as a mini book. In cutting-shaping-making the mini book, half the pages go waste. I often tell her not to waste pages, but that gets in the pretending-deaf ears. I then would not push much on that, for I know those mini books would have some treasures of her write ups and drawings. When I was away, my elder had convinced her to have a folder on the desktop and go digital. Younger, having learnt folder-file creation and use of word doc at school was more than happy to put her learning into use. 

Scene: At home, on 15th, I was sitting on the dinning chair facing my younger daughter. She was eager to share a lot of things. I lent my patient ears to her.


She: Amma, I have created a folder in the computer called 'Shubha'.

Me: hmm.....

She: I have created 2 files in that. One for my poems and other for my stories.

Me: wow......

She: You know what? I have written a story but I have not completed it yet.

Me: That's nice. I would love to hear your story.

She: (With a wide smile) There was a girl. She received a lot of gifts on her birthday. She opened one of it and found a red shoes. She was very happy with the shoes that she did not bother to open the other gifts.

Me: She never opened the other gifts is it?

She: She did but later.

Me: (Smiling) ok. And then?

She: Then, she walked on the road with those red shoes. She found a puddle on the road and started playing with it. Her leg twisted and one of the shoes fell into the puddle.

Me: Nice, then?

She: Next, I need to write.

Me: hmm! that's good. I am interested to know the ending of the story.

(Thinking for some time, she stood up and walked away.)

Me: What happened?

She: (turning back to answer me) I want to finish the story. I will tell you after I finish it.

Me: ok

(After sometime, having finished her story on the file she had created, she returns with full enthu, I was in the kitchen with some stuff)

She: Amma, do you know what happened next?

Me: (Turning to her, and letting her know that I am listening) tell me.

She: Luckily she found a twig. She pulled the shoe from the puddle using it. She took the shoes home. She washed them and let it dry. Next day she wore them and was happy again. That's it.

Me: That's a beautiful story. I would love to listen to more such stories.


Happy she went back to play. Happy, I returned to my kitchen stuff.


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