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The art of living!

(Trying to summarize what I learnt about the art of living. It did teach me to share; share the peace, share the harmony, share the fruit of virtue; apart from learning to develop equanimity towards our craving and aversions. Here it goes ..........) "Sanjit, there you go." "Kritajna, here you feel."  ...........Oh! Isn't life full of, People, Actions and Reactions? Did you know? Every single action, Has a bio-chemical reaction? Some lead to cravings, While others create aversions. It depends on the inputs, And the self developed conceit. That is why they say, It is not the words, But how you are made to feel, That is remembered! These cravings and aversions, Are like lines fragile, erasable or deep. Fragile, like the line on the water, Erasable, like the line on the beach sand, Deep, like the line on the rock. Until you get rid of these lines, They keep growing into mangled misery vines.  Sheela - the mo

Disconnect to connect!

4th March, 2020, I started my car @ 6 am. Accompanying me were my backpack, phone, water in a steel bottle, bananas and oranges. The backpack took the backseat, the last 3 items took my side seat, while the phone comfortably took the getting-charged seat. I had decided to have my breakfast at Davangere. No, it was not out-of-the-blues decision, I had planned it on the eve of  New Year.  Zoom! I started, and I was out of the city in no time. My other associates were - an excellent weather, the silent non-busy city, empty roads and some melodious music. I ate up some of my companions (remember! the bananas and the oranges) at toll points. I hit Davangere @ 9:20 am. I halted to fuel my car with petrol and my tummy with yummy Davangere Benne Dosa. I was suppose to report by 2 pm @Vipassana Meditation & Research Centre (Belaku, Inchara school campus). I had lots of time in hand to explore the city before the reporting. I went towards Arsikere and beyond, and realized that I wa

Little things that make my day

Background: I was out on a 10 day meditation camp. Completely disconnected from the outer world, even unaware about the corona panic in the city and the cancellation of daughter's exams. I was back home from Davangere only yesterday, 15th March. Some more background: My 8-year-young, younger daughter, has the habit of tearing pages and pinning them up as a mini book. In cutting-shaping-making the mini book, half the pages go waste. I often tell her not to waste pages, but that gets in the pretending-deaf ears. I then would not push much on that, for I know those mini books would have some treasures of her write ups and drawings. When I was away, my elder had convinced her to have a folder on the desktop and go digital. Younger, having learnt folder-file creation and use of word doc at school was more than happy to put her learning into use.  Scene: At home,   on 15th,   I was sitting on the dinning chair facing my younger daughter. She was eager to share a lot of thin