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A day when you have your wish done!

My younger has a flair for poems. As a kid of 4-5 years she used to sing songs in her own tune framing her own lyrics. I remember one of them as "The rain is falling under the blue sky, I love to dance like a butterfly." Whenever her pre-kg-teachers used to complain, of her not opening her mouth, I would counter saying "She composes her songs and you tell me she does not talk?" After all everyone have their unique way of communicating.  

One day as I was cleaning a few stuffs, I caught hold of few safely packed and kept drawings of my elder daughter.

As I opened a few of them and smiled, my younger questioned "Why are you smiling?" 

I replied "Your sister's drawings made me smile." 

She quipped "What is there to laugh?"

I responded "You know how she draws now, right?" 

With all enthusiasm came the reply "Oh yes! she is awesome!"

Showing her the paper I was holding "Look at these." I said. She was so amazed to see her not-so-perfect line drawings.

"Did Vibha draw this?" she reconfirmed. 

"Yes" I said with all smiles.

Snatching the sheet from me, reaching out to her elder, projecting the paper with her fairy hands like a camera assistant holding the clapper board she shouted "Vibhaaaaa, look at this."

With a dolloping smile, they looked at the drawing recognizing the drawing-owner. That moment is a capture of my mind.

"Why have you kept these until now?" the elder questioned with all the joy in her voice.

"If I had not, I would have missed this beautiful smile of yours." I replied.

"You like all these kind of stuffs, right?" she said analyzing my little treasure safely boxed in a cover.

"I love them." I said with a twinkle in my eyes.

My younger caught this. And then her series of hand written stuffs started coming in every now and then. I have preserved them all and they mean a lot to me. She gradually started writing her now-and-then-active-dairy, which she would only occasionally allow me to peep into. She wrote a poem dedicated to me a few months back, and asked me to never show it to anybody. That's the most precious of her writing for me. Off late she wrote a poem for her maama for his birthday. I was amazed at my not-yet-8-year-young. Hence it is taking an entry here as my happy little note; though the note was for her maaama, I loved her well felt thought. It goes this way

A day when you have your wish done

It is coming near you,
A day when you have your wish done,
The stars near you is shining,
The moon near you is glowing,
This is for YOU,
Happy Birthday.


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