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A day when you have your wish done!

My younger has a flair for poems. As a kid of 4-5 years she used to sing songs in her own tune framing her own lyrics. I remember one of them as "The rain is falling under the blue sky, I love to dance like a butterfly." Whenever her pre-kg-teachers used to complain, of her not opening her mouth, I would counter saying "She composes her songs and you tell me she does not talk?" After all everyone have their unique way of communicating.   One day as I was cleaning a few stuffs, I caught hold of few safely packed and kept drawings of my elder daughter. As I opened a few of them and smiled, my younger questioned "Why are you smiling?"  I replied "Your sister's drawings made me smile."  She quipped "What is there to laugh?" I responded "You know how she draws now, right?"  With all enthusiasm came the reply "Oh yes! she is awesome!" Showing her the paper I was holding "Look at these

Drawing lessons from IT memory .....

It was Christmas, and we were in Udupi for the holidays. The cold breeze from the beach flew our hair in different directions; and hit our face to make us feel it's presence. Some enjoyed building sand-castles, while others pampered their foot with the gentle kisses from the waves, most were into the water, lost in it. Everybody took delight in their own world. I was in one of my all time favorite places, with the right combination of sun, sand and sea - the beach; yet I was unhappy. (Lesson 1) A few weeks back I had a decision to make between a personal and a professional promotion. Having chosen personal promotion; I was sitting on the sea shore and thinking how I would get back and rise to the other promotion again, for I knew, I had to start all over again and that would take time. It was a mixed emotion. Above all, I had anger, I was denied my due promotion for personal grudge though reason quoted was 'Management decision'. More than an year's hard work was fl


MIND-MAZE! Driving cars to the office, Stuffing food into the mouth, Rushing kids into the school bus, Finding pleasures in the social media likes and comments, Tricking self to believe that there is no time, Every body are very busy in their rat-race; What a never ending chase! No time left, to stop and watch, Where we are heading to? Trees made into papers, Rivers filled with plastics, Things being loved, People being used, Blind, asleep; the precious life is in neglect, What a pathetic phase? Oh mind relax! Learn the art of tasting every moment; By untangling the mind-maze.