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Trauma to Triumph!

Everyone in this world undergoes trauma, the intensity might vary. If there is a person who says 'NO' to that, then clearly they are lying. What is fact is that not everyone of them would turn their trauma into triumph. Majority would go into self-pity mode either blaming their bad luck or grudging others for their good luck. What most do not understand is, luck is all about 'Laboring Under Correct Knowledge.' It is only a few handful who learn from their trauma, do whatever is in their control and emerge out as better humans. One such story is that of the acid attack survivor 'Laxmi Agarwal', which inspired a bollywood movie 'Chappak'.

We had been to watch this movie yesterday, more so because I wanted to watch it. It is a non-glamorous, sensitive, brave movie. Meghana Gulzar yet again chooses a story that needs to be both told and heard. Deepika Padukone who is vocal about issues related to depression has gone bold choosing to act and produce a non-glamorous role and a story. They have done a brilliant work which is very evident in the movie.

I somehow got connected to the movie for various reasons. Though you are stuck to the movie throughout, there were instances in the movie that manage to move you within :

  • The character despite of being in deep pain, in the hospital, unable to speak chooses to fight. She tries her best to answer to the police to reach out to the culprit. Director tries to portray the fact that most of the times it is the pain that nourishes courage. 

  • Unable to wear the ear-ring because of the half melted ear, the victim requests the doctor to operate on them first so that she could wear them back. Director in a subtle way depicts the hope that is not lost in the victim.

  • When victim's mother asks her not to roam about at late night(s) for the useless case that is endlessly running; she speaks reality stating what worst could happen being out at night than she is in. Director beautifully depicts the fact that even the closest one at times cannot understand whats going within the victim's mind.

  •  When the victim is asked to stop partying on small victory, she upfront says that she wants to party. Director boldly tries to depict the fact that life does not end because of a trauma. Life may not be the party we asked for, while we are there we should dance.

  • There were times when the victim hesitates to show up for no mistake of hers. She covers her face with the dupatta for the fear of  being judged. The dupatta covering her face gradually keeps reducing as she walks through different phases. Director cleverly depicts how the victim embraces life without succumbing to the situations around. 

At the end, the director very smartly conveys to the audience, despite of the change in law, despite of the fact that the culprit was punished in this case, the acid attacks still continue to this day and the acid is very easily and cheaply available in the market. As we moved out of the hall, there were people who said 'Whats the point in such long fight when the system we know is not going to change?'

Apart from having learnt a few things about the Media Laws, which would otherwise be a boring theoretical class for me, I walked out with a smile and a lot of questions from my kids. I thought the system may not change, there might still be acid-attacks taking place and acid being openly sold; it might hurt the victim at times. But then the unnoticeable change was the victim's mind; for her she had given her best with whatever was in her control. She would at-least not die thinking 'I could have done something about this.'

As the journey of trauma to triumph walked through my mind; CHAPPAK, CHAPPAK, CHAPPAK....... went the transition in my mind from movie to filling the tummies of the young ones with different requirements.  


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