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More females, better population control, better job opportunities ???

We have this long pending assignment on creative writing, topic being 'Unemployment problem in India'. Long pending because the honorary teacher in-charge has been busy with other stuffs. They (Oh! its official to use they instead of he or she when you don't want to reveal the identity) insisted on gathering data from net and then sum it up to get a proper statistics and a good write up. Probably the subject not being that appealing to me I paid no attention to it. Today the 'studious me' said 'Lady! you better finish up with the assignment.' As I sat down to think about the topic in hand. The first thing that struck me was 'lesser the population, better the opportunities of employment'. Meantime I remembered something and could not control my smile and decided the very moment to make it a part of my little happy notes.

It was March 8th and there was this women's day celebration at office.(This was when I was working in IT) We were a small office with even smaller female employees then. In a small room next to cafeteria all ladies had gathered. We had a lot of fun stuffs organised by the HR and Executive members with some helping hands. However it was a pleasant surprise for most of us. One of the items was rapid fire round. Rapidly questions came in and so did the answers. One of the questions was 'the cutest smile among female employees?', while I was still trying to find my answer, the executive admin said 'Amrutha's'; I looked at her with a ear-to-ear smile. 'I really think you have a cute smile' she said. "Kya bath hai, apni smile par bhi koi girta hai"(meaning people fall for my smile?) I thought. For I believed I dint have one, because of my unaligned teeth and small gap near the molar. However I enjoyed the compliment for the rest of the day ....... may be I should say I will enjoy it for the rest of the life. I now knew somewhere someone likes my smile :)
Smile that kills :D ;)
Days went by. Rather years went by. I had to visit dentist for the problems wisdom tooth created. Wisdom tooth are so lazy that they are of no use. They neither grew my wisdom nor did they help me chew. I wonder why they call it wisdom tooth then? However the dentist insisted on getting the tooth removed. I had several sittings for the same. Conversation on a visit post extraction:

Dentist: How are you feeling? (checking the post extraction condition of my mouth)

Me: I have a little pain yet while I wide open my mouth. 

Dentist: That will be there for some days. If you otherwise have pain, continue with the pain-killer for another 2 days.

Me: Its bearable. I will do without them.

Dentist: (still checking my other teeth) You have this gap near the molar. 

Me: (not realizing him trying to build his base for business) I know. At times it irritates. I sometimes think of getting the back tooth that has created this gap removed. (Thinking about the food that got stuck in that gap and me taking my tongue to get that stuck food out; Every time I was caught doing that my brother went wild - 'Do you know what impact it gives when people see you do that? It looks as if you are making faces at them. Body language matters.')

Dentist: You have got a killing smile. If you get rid of that back tooth and the gap, it will be even better.

Me: (thinking it is just a matter of tooth extraction) It will be done in one day? And how much does it cost?

Dentist: You come again with an appointment. I will explain you the procedure and the cost.

Me: (now realizing he was talking business and I was talking problem) But it is a matter of tooth extraction and that would cost around 200 bugs.

Dentist: Yeah extraction would cost you 200 bugs, but then we have to get rid of the gap as well right?

Me: hmm and how much that cost?

Dentist: We have different option. That would depend on the option you choose.

Me: What are the options? And whats the minimum cost?

Dentist: It will take time to explain. That is why I asked you to come again.

Me: What is the minimum cost though? (By now the check-up was done and we were standing opposite each other.)

Dentist: Approximately Rs 15000. Some where this side or that.

Me: (thinking it will always be that side never this side) Thanks. Let me continue my service of population control.

Dentist: (confused) What?

Me: You said I have a killing smile. So let me kill some and control the population.

Dentist: (Unable to control his laugh) This is the first time this is happening. I am losing on my business yet heartily laughing.

I walked back home smiling all the while. There was an upgrade. I thought people fall for my smile. Now I knew my smile kills! Does that mean -  more females implies more smiles implies more kills implies population control implies better job opportunities? (all smiles)


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