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Kids these days are OutStanding!

One of the most challenging things for me has been engaging my younger in the learning process. Over time I have known that her grasping is extremely good; however her focus span is very short. If she spends 5 minutes on studies; she takes a 20 minutes break. The things that she would have grasped in 5 minutes would be for sure worth a mention. I often keep telling her that she is an excellent escape artist. She manages to steal 'her time' under my nose effortlessly. I also should admit that it is that part of 'her time' that I have had some of the best moments with her. This is one such instance from those moments.

Younger : Amma, do you know what Ayaan(name changed) did in the class today?

Me : What?

Younger : He was quarreling with another boy and making some noise.

Me : Though sometimes we elders do not relish it, kids are meant to do that.

Younger : M'am asked him to be quite, he still continued.

Me: hmm

Younger : Do you know what m'am did?

Me : What?

Younger : She punished him. She made him stand outside the class room.

Me : Did the boy cry?

Younger : No amma. He stood outside the class for the whole period.

Me : Did he feel bad after that?

Younger : No amma. All the boys were teasing him for having got the punishment. They started telling 'You were standing out' unanimously like a song.

Me : Is it? poor boy!

Younger : You know what he did?

Me : What? 

Younger : He pulled his collar out and engaged it as if he had achieved something. He then said 'I am OUT standing!' (he changed standing-out into out-standing)

We burst out into laughter after that for a pretty long time, looking into each others eyes, acknowledging silently that we probably would not have handled it that way. However there were a lot of things that were eye openers for me. I for sure understood that physical punishments would not let kids realize their wrong doings. Do you have a better means to tackle kids of this generation?

I also understood that kids these days can handle negativity better than we elders do. The boy had turned his embarrassment into out-smarted pride. Don't you think current generation kids are out-standing by standing out in dealing the situation(s) positively?   


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