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Do you love things and use people?

I know of a person who is so natural at story building; they would pick any frequently or popularly floating WhatsApp message and build a story around themselves as though it happened with them. People would go wah wah  on that; frankly at that moment I would also enjoy that, though I know its fake story. Its an art to make people laugh; as long as there is no pin-pointing, no image-destructing, no physical harming and no hidden motives involved; it certainly is very challenging and hilarious. 

Unfortunately, we are in a world, that always works with a hidden agenda. People are often used and things are often loved. Of-course, there are exception(s). If you are reading this you can count yourself on the exception list, where you love people and use things. ;) If you ask me what category I fall into? Oh! I fall into a special section called the fool's category, who is in practice of 'detachment'- a vairagi. Oh please! let me hold you before you mis-understand vairagi to be renouncer of world or family. A vairagi is one who is neither emotionally attached nor morally obliged while taking decisions. He is one who sees reality; neither being too positive nor being too negative. And when there is overflow of positivism or negativism, I find my escape in poetry; after all I am still practicing. Now, I call it fool's category because people usually say 'You are he he he he he' (laugh continuously without knowing to categorize).

I saw an auto-wala in line with me towards my left on the lane. We were right in front of the signal. He was trying to jump signal; concentration at it's max on the signal light, rather on time left display. He made his move. Suddenly he saw a mid aged lady, may be in her early forties trying to cross the road. She was engrossed in a call; holding her cell-phone between her ear and shoulder on the right. She was carrying a heavy bag on her left. Both of them realizing bang-that-could-happen because of their proximity, turned their directions, resulting in lady slipping her phone and falling down in an attempt to safeguard her phone; and the auto driver getting a dent on his auto because of the lady's heavy bag making it's swing through the side of his auto. All these happened in a fraction of a minute. What happened later went on for some time. With bruises on her hand; the lady yelled at the driver for damaging her phone; with dent on his auto the driver shouted at the lady. While they continued, the signal went green, vehicles behind honked, people who watched from foot bath and their shops enjoyed hearty laugh and I moved on listening to mirchi FM.

Which category do you belong to? Love things and use people? OR Love people and use things? OR Vairagi?


  1. perhaps a very slow learner. Life keeps teaching about people and things alternately now and then. 😂😂

    1. Provided one is not on a rat-race, I think phase does not matter as long as one is constantly learning ......... enjoy the journey of learning!


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