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Kids these days are OutStanding!

One of the most challenging things for me has been engaging my younger in the learning process. Over time I have known that her grasping is extremely good; however her focus span is very short. If she spends 5 minutes on studies; she takes a 20 minutes break. The things that she would have grasped in 5 minutes would be for sure worth a mention. I often keep telling her that she is an excellent escape artist. She manages to steal 'her time' under my nose effortlessly. I also should admit that it is that part of 'her time' that I have had some of the best moments with her. This is one such instance from those moments. Younger : Amma, do you know what Ayaan (name changed) did in the class today? Me : What? Younger : He was quarreling with another boy and making some noise. Me : Though sometimes we elders do not relish it, kids are meant to do that. Younger : M'am asked him to be quite, he still continued. Me: hmm Younger : Do you know wha

A mantra to escape any situation!

I happened to spend a few days with a 19 year young bubbly smart girl. I learnt a lot about her, I would dig into her sometimes wanting to know what their generation thought about a few things. I would then come home and think how I used to think back then at that age. She thus took me back to my early days on certain occasions. I am jotting down one such back travel here. Having confirmed my Engineering seat after CET counseling, I was left with plenty of days for the college to begin. I had never traveled out of the city all by myself anywhere until then. I insisted my parents to let me make my trip to Udupi. They were more than happy to oblige. That was it - a young girl, with her bag on the back, thoughts on the mind, zeal in the body set out to explore herself with a trip planned all by herself. I was on cloud nine; for I was free. Not that I was not free otherwise; but there is this special sense of freedom when you are 18+ and you are travelling all by yourself. It's a

Do you love things and use people?

I know of a person who is so natural at story building; they would pick any frequently or popularly floating WhatsApp message and build a story around themselves as though it happened with them. People would go wah wah  on that; frankly at that moment I would also enjoy that, though I know its fake story. Its an art to make people laugh; as long as there is no pin-pointing, no image-destructing, no physical harming and no hidden motives involved; it certainly is very challenging and hilarious.  Unfortunately, we are in a world, that always works with a hidden agenda. People are often used and things are often loved. Of-course, there are exception(s). If you are reading this you can count yourself on the exception list, where you love people and use things. ;) If you ask me what category I fall into? Oh! I fall into a special section called the fool's category, who is in practice of 'detachment'- a vairagi. Oh please! let me hold you before you mis-understand vairagi

IT unfolded - through my eyes.

Fresh out of the college, Having very little worldly knowledge, With full of rage, To cover the so called success mileage; You are into the world of IT, Not knowing that you are trapped; you party! In the beginning, at IT, not knowing what to do, You look out for role models few, Many suggest not to try, already they doing the needed supply, It does not signify, do not buy; you better just retry Keep your wings open, so that you can learn to fly, Else you will regret and later cry. As you spend a few years, at IT, you get used to the rhythm, Not knowing how to come out of the realm, Until one-day you find a manager who listens with all calm, Then you are put into several trials, Without second thoughts, you jump in and get things working with necessary fuels, That invites redials and renewals. Now well experienced, at IT, you know the in-out of the system, Most of them follow 'tit for tat' custom, You know you are part of a rat-ra

Trauma to Triumph!

Everyone in this world undergoes trauma, the intensity might vary. If there is a person who says 'NO' to that, then clearly they are lying. What is fact is that not everyone of them would turn their trauma into triumph. Majority would go into self-pity mode either blaming their bad luck or grudging others for their good luck. What most do not understand is, luck is all about ' L aboring U nder C orrect K nowledge.' It is only a few handful who learn from their trauma, do whatever is in their control and emerge out as better humans. One such story is that of the acid attack survivor 'Laxmi Agarwal', which inspired a bollywood movie 'Chappak'. We had been to watch this movie yesterday, more so because I wanted to watch it. It is a non-glamorous, sensitive, brave movie. Meghana Gulzar yet again chooses a story that needs to be both told and heard. Deepika Padukone who is vocal about issues related to depression has gone bold choosing to act and produc


William said 'What's in a name?' Without that how will anyone blame? When you speak less, you are labelled lame; When you speak more, you are said to game; People today are after power and fame, Isn't it a shame? People acclaim, They are full of high aim. Whatever be their surname, pen name, nickname, place name, stage name, pay claim; When you treat everyone the same, You will start considering how they overcame, It is then when there is nothing left to tame!

More females, better population control, better job opportunities ???

We have this long pending assignment on creative writing, topic being 'Unemployment problem in India'. Long pending because the honorary teacher in-charge has been busy with other stuffs. They (Oh! its official to use they  instead of he or she when you don't want to reveal the identity) insisted on gathering data from net and then sum it up to get a proper statistics and a good write up. Probably the subject not being that appealing to me I paid no attention to it. Today the 'studious me' said 'Lady! you better finish up with the assignment.' As I sat down to think about the topic in hand. The first thing that struck me was 'lesser the population, better the opportunities of employment'. Meantime I remembered something and could not control my smile and decided the very moment to make it a part of my little happy notes. It was March 8th and there was this women's day celebration at office. (This was when I was working in IT) We were a

Willing is not enough. We must do! - Bruce Lee

Little things around me trigger the inspiration button. Not sure if its a good trait or bad. Nor do I want to analyze that; at times, I have burnt my time, money and some grey cells because of it, while at other times they have taught be my best life lessons. :) Several such instances which triggered the inspiration button were when I was working in the IT industry. One of them is taking an entry into my little happy notes. It was a bright day, and we were on a team outing at 'guhaantara' resort. There was a pool there. Many went into the pool while I just sat and noticed. Some went into the water to be observed by others ;), while others went into the water to be absorbed. Mostly the ones who went to be absorbed were the ones who swam. I wished I could swim; but the crowd that observed made me drop my wish. (*Lesson 1 and 2) Several months after that incident, I learnt about a colleague and a mother who took swimming classes in Basavanagudi. Yeah, you guessed it righ

Bengaluru Calling! the pull factors of migration.

(Migration to Bengaluru - how the problem of population due to migration be solved was a topic of assignment for our creative writing class. Bangalore being home for me this is how I look at it.) It’s not every place on earth where bright sunlight lashes on the face and the cold breeze chills the body at the same time. Not every place can exercise diversity. From early morning variety dosa to late night smoke breaks; From temple walks to bike rides; From pool side beer to traffic in the burning sun; From non-stop chats to serious weekend talks; From street beggars to IT jobbers; From theatres to multiplex cinemas one can see extremes in any aspect chosen. Such a free city is ‘Namma Bengaluru’, and that is why a lot of people hope to come here. So, evidently there are many economic, social, and physical pull factors why people migrate to Bengaluru.  The first thing is a ‘brain-drain’ of IT hub. However, Bengaluru is not only IT capital but also capital of aeronautics, automot