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The kitchen I fell in love with!

It was a cloudy morning, as I watched the sky through the balcony window after getting up. I hoped Mr. Sun to be a little kind to spread his shine that day and rushed to finish my morning miscellaneous work. By 6:15 am, I checked my mobile to find a missed call. I did not bother to call back since I was already on my way to the lady’s house who had called up. I reached her house by 6:30. am. She was busy finishing up her morning stuffs and took another 5 mins and then got into the passenger seat of my car. 

“I called you up, and then I called your land line. Your mother informed that you have already started.” she said.

“I thought I will talk to you in person since I already had started, hence did not bother to call back.” I replied.

“I was wondering if you would make it or not. I almost had dropped the idea of participating, later when your mother said that you have started, I hurried up.” She said.

“hmm.....frankly I went to bed late. My daughter was in a playful mood last night. Probably I would have dropped the idea as well, but then since I committed to you, I just made it. “I said.

We both had a smile for being each other’s reason to participate in the ‘walk against plastic’ initiated by Smt. Tejaswini Ananthakumar, through her NGO, ‘AdamyaChetana’. We reached Lalbagh west gate around 7:05 am. I was amazed at the crowd and the vehicles parked on the road sides. When I checked with the traffic police there, he said that’s an usual crowd there during general holidays. Indeed, Lalbagh is a break from concrete and traffic of the city. Lalbagh is sure to bring a smile on every visit.

Smt. Tejaswini in front of her kitchen

We then joined the gathering. Smt. Tajeswini was already present. Media was also present to cover the event. It being October 2nd, Gandhi Jayanthi and Lalbahadur Shastri Jayanthi, to my understanding of what happened, there were 3 agendas of the gathering.
  1. A walk from Lalbagh west gate to Adamya Chetana, spreading awareness among people to eliminate plastics
  2. Initiate the use of bags made out of waste sarees. The ladies at Adamya Chetana had hand stitched bags out of the 800 old sarees being donated to them. They launched the saree bags that day and made it available for the public at a cost of Rs 10 per bag.
  3. Remember Gandhiji and Shastriji on their birthday. Its unbelievable to know that many people know October 2nd as a National holiday. Why?, is not known to them. Of course, there were others who were in Khadi, so I presume they were aware of the reason.

I being a person who loves walking, was part of this program because it involved walking. Walking, on a National holiday, for a good cause was a cherry on the cake. We started from Lalbagh at around 8:10 am and reached Adamya Chetana at around 9 am. Probably it was around 3 Kms walk. 

At Adamya Chetana, what I saw next was something that I fell in love with. It was a massive kitchen with massive utensils. I had entered a zero-garbage kitchen. The kitchen garbage was made into bio gas; almost eliminating 60 LPG gas cylinders per day. The organic wastes were converted into brickets that were used as input to Biogas. Apart from their services like plate banks, food to lakhs of children, their massive kitchen run completely on the biogas generated out of wastes of the kitchen is indeed an inspiration. There are many kitchens that I have liked for their interiors, but this is the first one that I fell in love with for its intention. Hats off to the heads, hands and hearts behind it! 

Input to the Biogas generator

Bricket (made out of kitchen wastes)

Vessels in which food is carried to children of different schools

Vessels in which food is cooked

Plate banks open for public utilization

Place where food masalas are milled

Place where masalas are fried


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