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What lies within :)

There is a lot which lies with in!

“I know him very well; he would not go to a doctor.”
“I know her in and out. After all she is my daughter.”
“Oh! It’s not him. It’s his mom’s influence that has made him do it.” .......................

Aren’t these some very common statements that we get to listen to, where people claim to have known the other person very well. There is no complete truth to it. It’s just one aspect of what they think they know of the other person.

We can live with a person the entire life yet we may not know everything about them. And that’s the truth even if we are talking about the closest person to us.

Revealing the complete self to another is impossible because there is multiple dimension to our personality and also multiple dimension to the reality. Added to that there is multiple dimension to the angle in which it is viewed by others. For example, consider Hitler. He was hated by the world, but then he was also a personality that attracted an ordinary young woman, Eva Braun. Back then people thought how could a woman have a relationship with a man who was in many ways considered the embodiment of evils? That’s life. Very complicated! One man’s food can be other man’s poison.

We may be child-like, we might be wild-like; We might be honest, we might be dishonest; We might be calm, we might be chaotic; We might be energetic, we might be lazy; We might be generous, we might be narrow minded; We might be gentle, we might be harsh; We might be positive, we might be negative. It all depends on the time of the day and the person we are with. What others define of us is just one part of what they have encountered and pictured out of their encounter, but we in reality is the amalgamation of all that we are.

It’s the beauty of God’s creation that the world sees what we choose to reveal. If our mind were to be open book, which let everyone to see what our emotions are, what our ideas are, what we think about deep within, it would be a night mare. What lies within is a very secret and sacred space for every individual. I don’t believe in forcing that space into open from others. Call it innocence, call it not being open or what ever you wish to. For me, it’s not about the physical space, it’s that sacred space. Giving that space for every individual to be within and lie there, is part of growing. And as far as I am concerned, as long as I know the intentions in my sacred space is good, I am going on right track.

What do you think about the sacred space within? Do you even believe in it? Do let me know about it. I would love to know your thoughts.


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