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Work in progress!

Photos shot on my phone @ different moments We live in a society which is very quick in making comments; if that is not sufficient it is also very quick in tagging (giving names). My younger daughter is an introvert by her innate nature. It takes time and someone close to get her out and express her true feelings. And I strongly feel it’s OK to be an introvert. I know she is listening and observing. And good at that. I also think asking an introvert to open up by going out of the way is like asking an extrovert to shut up and be self-arrested. A very unfair state! As a very young kid, she would always open up with me, and people at home; but would never open her mouth with anybody outside her inner circle. If I think of the year in her play school and her 1 st  and 2 nd year in the school, I was literally scared. These 3 years she had not spoken a single word, not one with her teacher, not even in my presence. I used to go nuts after every Parent-Teacher meeting. Not bec

ನನ್ನ ಪ್ರೀತಿಯ ಅಪ್ಪಯ್ಯ!

(To my father on his 70th birthday.)

Roses are red; Exams are every mother’s unsaid dread!

Photo taken on my phone @ home 20 th September, Friday, was my niece’s birthday. My brother decides to take kids out for an experience present. For him, my kids are as good as his. My daughters also have a very strong bond with him; at times stronger than the one with me. He has his ways with kids that make them very comfortable with him, not just our kids, any kids. I find this a very rare thing among men. I don’t say he is a man with patience but for sure his patience with kids is always at its best. I would for sure also call him an indulgent parent. So somehow, he kind of convinces the kids, especially my eldest (with her ongoing 6 th std semester exams) for the outing on Friday evening. My eldest was in a dilemma. She neither wanted to miss her outing nor did she want to miss out on the time to prepare for her math exam on Monday. She repeatedly looked at me to get an assurance that I would help her cover the math portions on Saturday and Sunday. I being aware of th

ಓ ಸಖೀ!

(This poem is written as a dedication to the all women WhatsApp group called 'O Sakhee' in my apartment.)


ಸತ್ಯಮೇವ ಜಯತೆ

( My first try with Kannada writing, that too a poem. They are just five lines but heart felt and personally dealt :) )

How to catch a Goddess?

I was back home early after dropping kids to school. I did not go on my regular walks. I sat down to take a glimpse of news that interests me. Out of the blues mom asked me if I could drive all the way to Udupi. I said I was planning to do so next month, since I have planned a visit. She was happy to hear that. Even before I could ask her about anything, she said she has planned a visit to Udupi with her friends and did not want to miss on that. She did not want to travel by bus as she suffered pain in her foot because of the twist near her ankle.  Probably she was on a vent out mode; so I switched to listening mode.  She made a random statement saying she would do whatever she can until she is able to. Probably my brother's family were planning for a family extension, and my mother was a little worked up because of that. I still asked her why was she saying that. She confessed that Akshata (her daughter-in-law) said that she usually does not get involved with house work,

कागज़, कलम और लिखने वालों के सरगम!

किताबो की पंने पलट के सोचते है, बारूत में दम ज़्यादा है की, लिखने वालों की कलम मे? नाम कमाने के चक्कर मे, तोड़ के रक् देती है, पता नहीं, बारूत, देजाति है और क्या क्या गम मे? पता चला की, तोड़ने वालों से ज़्यादा सुलझाने वालों की कदर कम है इस दुनिया मे; कागज़, कलम और लिखने वालों के सरगम क्या कम है? क्यों नहीं समझ पाते लोग? बहुत ताकत है इस कलम मे। अरे अपने नहीं थो ना सही, सीखो कुछ, शब्दों के दामन मे छुपी दूसरों की तजुर्बे से, अनगिनत मुनाफा है कितबोसे। जहा हम न जासके वह वो हुम्हे लेजाए, डर का जहा जहा चले ज़ोर, उम्मीद की किरणोंको फैलाये वो चारो ओर, हस्ते हस्ते रुला देती है, रुलाकर भी सीख ने की ख़ुशी दे जाती है, किताब ऐसी चिंगारी है जो दीपक बनकर लेचले हुम्हे उजाले की ओर। अरे किताब तेरी क्या बात है ! क्या बात है! क्या बात है!

Seventy and to hell with it!

Here is a note that was lying in my draft for more than a week now. It decides to come out of draft and stand up today. 😊 Photo taken on my phone @ Sooda's dental clinic, with doc, assistant and patient at work We live in a society which carries a thought that the best age to live life the way we want is between 20 and 45, and that, life is over once we hit 50. Every time I come across people at older age with right attitude; my thought gets stronger that it’s not in the number but in the attitude one carries. My weekend was one such encounter. I was with dad at a place which is around 16 -17 Kms from Udupi. On the way lies Manipal. We planned a visit to a medical store in Manipal, followed by a lunch at Udupi and then finally beach, our favourite place. We were driving to Udupi when dad insisted, we drop beach idea and visit dentist since he had intermittent pain in his upper and lower molars. I immediately agreed. I was happy he asked me to take him to the dentist;

What lies within :)

There is a lot which lies with in! “I know him very well; he would not go to a doctor.” “I know her in and out. After all she is my daughter.” “Oh! It’s not him. It’s his mom’s influence that has made him do it.” ....................... Aren’t these some very common statements that we get to listen to, where people claim to have known the other person very well. There is no complete truth to it. It’s just one aspect of what they think they know of the other person. We can live with a person the entire life yet we may not know everything about them. And that’s the truth even if we are talking about the closest person to us. Revealing the complete self to another is impossible because there is multiple dimension to our personality and also multiple dimension to the reality. Added to that there is multiple dimension to the angle in which it is viewed by others. For example, consider Hitler. He was hated by the world, but then he was also a personality that attracted