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Wish on the List

Riding Royal Enfield, Ghooli the instant Instructor behind, Photo by Rob @ exterior of Guhanthara resort.

We were on wheels of Climber, when we noticed this motor bike with fat wheel probably one of the chopper bikes. My elder daughter pointed at it and asked “Amma, you know to ride bike right.”

“Yes, I do. However, I have driven only on first gear, need to learn riding on higher gears. But how do you know about my bike riding?” I quipped.

“Remember the photo you showed us few years back?” she said with her twinkling eyes. Nostalgic, I had a wide smile on my face. (That story for another day. I promise. However, photo is attached inline.)

Just then my younger daughter asked “Do the bikes have gears?”, to which my elder daughter answered “Yes, Shubha. Like in ajji’s TVS we turn the handle to increase the speed, we have to turn the handle harder in geared bikes.” I was impressed, I added “Do you know there are bikes where you change the gears with your leg as well?”

“Oh, I did not know that gears could be changed by leg” said my elder daughter. “So what, I did not even know that bikes had gears” said my younger daughter. “I also did not know maami” said my niece. “I also did not know of it. I learnt it from a friend during last year of Engineering.” I confessed.

“Amma, when will you learn riding on higher gears?” questioned my elder daughter. I remembered my wish list as she questioned this. “Long way to go darling. But I will never let go of a chance when I get. Learning to ride on higher gear is a smaller step. I wish to bike ride from Leh to Ladak.” I said.

“What?”, my daughter had her brows raised.

“Why not?... it has been on my wish list for a long time now. I will check it out one day for sure.” I said.

“But ……” she said and was engrossed in her thoughts.

I took over and said “We should always try new things Vibha. We will never know until we try, it might be something we might fall in love with. Other day you cried non-stop when I shifted ajji’s money plant to a new location and opened up all the strings of the plant that had wound itself into bushy one. You were not comfortable when I cut out a few strings that had dried out. You just wanted it back in it's old form. Do you see the plant now? Ajji has made more changes to it, for it to creep better. Isn’t it more gorgeous than before?”

She had a smile that spread ear to ear, which meant she agreed on what I had just told.

I continued “Look, I have a long list of wishes. One of them is Leh to Ladak bike ride. Don’t tell me it’s not a girl thing. The latest one on the list for me to point at is RJ Ridhi. She off late took that bike ride.” (Mentally, I made a note that I was mentioning ‘Way to go, lady!’ to the 2nd female RJ. First one being the breakfast show, RJ Vasanthi Hariprakash. I almost had a love affair with the 1st on mail decade back.) I looked at her while carefully driving the car in the morning rain. She was digesting my words.

“What else you have on you list, amma?” she asked.

“It’s a long list Vibha. I failed being a pilot for IAF in 2004, but I did try. My carry away was the overnight dormitory stay in Mysore Air Force Campus. I love the very idea of flying with wings, I wish to be a commercial pilot someday. I will take private classes. There are crazy ones like that. I don’t know when, where, how. I ensure I tick at least one every year, or at the least get my pen closer to get to tick, but you see 2 or 3 more gets on the list as I tick 1. So, the list is endless.”

I was happy to see her think. I was not sure how much of it she had digested but she probably was trying to make her wish list. I was glad that I had pulled her trigger.

I finally said “We should dare to dream. Dream big and crazy. It is not necessary to burn our ass, and oil our eyes to turn the dream to reality. Enjoying life is more important than increasing the ticks on the wish list. Small persistent baby steps are good enough for the dreams to be realized.” We both smiled.

From Climber to Chopper to Creeper, this blog has been a wild one like my wish list. Do you have a wild wish list yet? If not, make one right now. If yes, please do share with me.


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