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Unsung Hero

Photo taken on my phone @ home, small wonders of my life, eldest missing though.

Other day my elder daughter came to me and asked "Do you know of any unsung heroes?"

"Why?" I questioned back.

"I need to talk about one in the school" she answered.

"Vibha, there is a hero in every individual. For me, you kids are my heroes teaching me values of life on a day to day basis" I said.

"hmmm, Amma, tell me about someone I can talk about in the school" she shoots back a little irritated. She  has usually associated the title of "hero" with soldiers who fought in a war or a brave individual who saved the life of a stranger. 

I said, I will google and let her know one of that kind. And googling right in front of her and showing her several cases, with her approval chose a  Kerala's lady, who is 85 years old, working for 40 years to grow a forest all by herself. Kollakkayil Devaki amma, indeed deserves to be counted on heroes list. India’s President Ram Nath Kovind recently awarded Devaki Amma with the Nari Shakti Puruskar for her enormous contribution towards the environment and congratulated the forest warrior.

As I finished reading about this lady, and writing a small essay for my daughter, my daughter's 'idea of hero' changed. She will never fully know why, but she is a hero for her mother. Probably she will know when she one day becomes a mother. There was a grin that slowly spread across her face and mine, as I hugged her. Of-course she was not very happy about the lengthy notes I made for her to be memorized for her school talk. We had our small "tu-tu main-main" on that. But I was happy that she realized every single person is a hero and the same goes for every person around the world. 

As I am drafting this to go into my "little happy notes", I listen to this guy on radio Mirchi, Nishan from Belagavi who swam for about 2 and a half hours with his father to reach the main road. For those who are not aware, some places of Belagavi is flooded because of heavy rains. He swam to reach main roan to make his way to Bengaluru to participate in boxing competition; where he wins a silver medal. While he is put on AIR for inspiring many people, I thought, for him, his father might be a hero who supported him, in all ways possible. Being a hero is such a relative thing I thought.

Rock on! There is a hero inside each of us. We may not realize it, but someone, somewhere, does. 
Do you know of any such unsung heroes in your life? Do lemme know..... I would be happy to hear it out.


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