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It's not about communication, but comprehension!

I saw a person, fencing a piece of land,
By nature, he spoke more than the work in his hand;
The lady next to me had to comment,
People who speak does not have work intend;
I smiled within and thought, she is just an ignorant.
A few days later we were together and she made an announcement;
She was speaking of a lady very active and vibrant;
Another lady made a comment on the topic relevant,
‘Oh! That lady you are talking of, talks a lot to befriend’
‘Communication is the key to success’, replied the announcer without any offend;
I looked at the first lady’s face with an intend,
Gosh, I realized she always commented being superficial observant.
My ever-thinking mind wanted to add its two cents,
Before it could allow the thoughts to rent and be my tenant,
“It’s not communication but the comprehension that adds value to relationship increment.”  


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