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Eliminate the box!

Googled photo to show a Nandi carrying Shiva and Parvathi

Today! a date with my niece. She is such a sweet heart and has always shared a happy and make-up-the-mood kind of relationship with me. She is almost 4 years. She wanted a ‘sparkling frock’ for her birthday which is a few days away. She had taken off from the school because of her running nose and cough. So, we went hunting for her sparkling frock. We were out from 10:45 am to 3:30pm, most of the time walking to pick our stuffs. Not an ‘ufff’ from her, nor did she ask me to carry. Not just that but she also helped me make some of the selections for the items I shopped. End of the day we were happy with our shopping and so was the tummy with the food we had. Before driving back, I hugged and kissed her for being such a goody girl despite of all the walking. She slept in the car as I drove back. That’s when I remembered my days with her on the 2-wheeler.

Couple of years back, I used to take mom’s TVS to drop kids to school. Quite some reasons accounted for me to not opt for car. Number one reason being, the autowala, who used to stay in the back lane of our apartment, always chose to park his auto right in front of our parking slot gate. With all the last-minute morning rushes with the kids, I was not open enough to spare time to go to him, request him and get the auto taken out of my way. Despite of several attempts and requests earlier he made sure to place his auto right in a place which blocked my car. Because of the pillars on either sides of the car parking, I had no other way to take my car out without his auto being moved. Because of this taking my car out for school commute was always a pain. Second reason being that TVS was cool to make its way through the narrow lanes out smarting the morning traffic and signals. It also found its space for parking without much effort. Number three being the fact that my niece was not part of the commute, since she was going to a play school near home at a later time. I used to drop my daughters and ride back home, and my niece would keep waiting for me most of the days for that 1 big round I would take her on the 2-wheeler. On most such rides I would engage her in counting. I would ask her to count the cats, dogs and the cows that she would encounter during our ride. But the small twist was both of us would guess the numbers before we started our ride.  If the numbers matched, we won, if not we lost. The number of dogs always was large because of the puppies laid by the street dogs, Cats were only a few in number. Cows were usually 1 or 2 or none. This we knew because of our routine rides. One day our guess for the cow count was 2. We had hit our dog and cat count already. We still had not come across a cow and were close to complete our that day’s ride.

I said “Khushi, I think we are going to lose today.”

She was still looking here and there, to get a glance of cow, not losing hope. As usual, I stopped my 2-wheeler to wish a good morning to lord Ganesha from the lane through entrance of the temple, right from the seat of my 2-wheeler.

She screamed “Maami, look 2 cows there.”

I looked this way and that, to confirm on her findings. I could not find any. I looked at her and asked “where?”

With all the innocence she looked at the Gopuram of the temple, pointed to the Nandis(on either side of the base of Gopuram) and counted “one and two.”

I had a wide smile. I appreciated her and announced “We have won.”

As I rode back home, I wondered how much we struggle to think out of the box while how easily the kids eliminate the box itself. Kids never fail to make me wonder.


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