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Eliminate the box!

Googled photo to show a Nandi carrying Shiva and Parvathi Today! a date with my niece. She is such a sweet heart and has always shared a happy and make-up-the-mood kind of relationship with me. She is almost 4 years. She wanted a ‘sparkling frock’ for her birthday which is a few days away. She had taken off from the school because of her running nose and cough. So, we went hunting for her sparkling frock. We were out from 10:45 am to 3:30pm, most of the time walking to pick our stuffs. Not an ‘ufff’ from her, nor did she ask me to carry. Not just that but she also helped me make some of the selections for the items I shopped. End of the day we were happy with our shopping and so was the tummy with the food we had. Before driving back, I hugged and kissed her for being such a goody girl despite of all the walking. She slept in the car as I drove back. That’s when I remembered my days with her on the 2-wheeler. Couple of years back, I used to take mom’s TVS to drop kids to s

Hang On, Pain Ends!

Mind takes its flight; In search of light; Within the hope infinite, Often convincing that, disappointments are finite; And going forward things will be right. In the darkness of disappointment, We should always let the HOPE make its appointment, So that matters on mind does not ferment. That which stands against all odds, against all logic, Is HOPE which reads H ang   O n, P ain E nds. 

It's not about communication, but comprehension!

I saw a person, fencing a piece of land, By nature, he spoke more than the work in his hand; The lady next to me had to comment, People who speak does not have work intend; I smiled within and thought, she is just an ignorant. A few days later we were together and she made an announcement; She was speaking of a lady very active and vibrant; Another lady made a comment on the topic relevant, ‘Oh! That lady you are talking of, talks a lot to befriend’ ‘Communication is the key to success’, replied the announcer without any offend; I looked at the first lady’s face with an intend, Gosh, I realized she always commented being superficial observant. My ever-thinking mind wanted to add its two cents, Before it could allow the thoughts to rent and be my tenant, “It’s not communication but the comprehension that adds value to relationship increment.”  

You will remain my little QUEEN!

(My elder daughter enters her teen, and like most teens she hates lectures, so I thought a poem dedicated to her might do better. ;) Here is a dedication for my darling. Love you always.) Cake sponsored by her uncle, words on cake by her sister, photo taken on my phone @home It’s 2019, the year you enter your teen; Please understand that, the life, is very mean, But you will at all times remain my little queen. You may fight, you may be right; You may cry, you may try; You may criticize, you may apologize; You may cheat, you may retreat; You may make issues of silly things; You may not be completely open for problems that life brings; You may love, you may hate; You may party being hearty; You may stay awake late nights, experiencing different sights; You may be jealous, you may be furious; You may have conversations deep and light; You may think and act, you may ignore and react; These are all part of the age you are in. One day all these will

Wish on the List

Riding Royal Enfield, Ghooli the instant Instructor behind, Photo by Rob @ exterior of Guhanthara resort. We were on wheels of Climber, when we noticed this motor bike with fat wheel probably one of the chopper bikes. My elder daughter pointed at it and asked “Amma, you know to ride bike right.” “Yes, I do. However, I have driven only on first gear, need to learn riding on higher gears. But how do you know about my bike riding?” I quipped. “Remember the photo you showed us few years back?” she said with her twinkling eyes. Nostalgic, I had a wide smile on my face. (That story for another day. I promise. However, photo is attached inline.) Just then my younger daughter asked “Do the bikes have gears?”, to which my elder daughter answered “Yes, Shubha. Like in ajji’s TVS we turn the handle to increase the speed, we have to turn the handle harder in geared bikes.” I was impressed, I added “Do you know there are bikes where you change the gears with your leg as well?”

Freedom in right sense!

It is very interesting how one absolutely gets attracted to a woman or fall for her on the first sight but how one gets judgmental from the very next moment on wards. Is it the human nature to be judgmental? Absolutely! I am not aware of a person, including me, who is not judgmental once in a while. ‘Being judgmental’ - is not a good thing to own for a long time or a flaunt-able element. When it enters our head, it has to be released immediately. Unfortunately, most humans are obsessed by it. I don’t understand if people don’t get tired of judging others for who they are, what they do? I am a woman, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, an aunt, an engineer, a painter, a writer, a poet, a teacher, a learner among many roles that I play. A learner being the most that I enjoy, a mother being the most challenging, a woman being the most vulnerable role because of the male dominated society that we live in. Yes, we do speak of equality and the women empowerment but I strongl

Unsung Hero

Photo taken on my phone @ home, small wonders of my life, eldest missing though. Other day my elder daughter came to me and asked "Do you know of any unsung heroes?" "Why?" I questioned back. "I need to talk about one in the school" she answered. "Vibha, there is a hero in every individual. For me, you kids are my heroes teaching me values of life on a day to day basis" I said. "hmmm, Amma, tell me about someone I can talk about in the school" she shoots back a little irritated. She  has usually associated the title of "hero" with soldiers who fought in a war or a brave individual who saved the life of a stranger.  I said, I will google and let her know one of that kind. And googling right in front of her and showing her several cases, with her approval chose a  Kerala's lady, who is 85 years old, working for 40 years to grow a forest all by herself. Kollakkayil Devaki amma, indeed deserves to be

ज़िन्दगी न मिलेगी दुबारा

(Pain nourishes courage, when you break through it. Circumstances and people around will help all possible ways to dwell there, refuse to do so. Take support of positive people and eliminate naggers and move on. It may not be as easy as jotting down a few lines below, but there is nothing like it when you do. Few lines for someone close who was successful doing so.) ज़िन्दगी न मिलेगी दुबारा सुना है दर्द देने वालों को शुक्रिया देना चाहिए , आखिर डर के आगे चलना वह जो सिखाये , अपनोंको पाते पाते खुद को न खोना , सीख वह समजाये , ज़िन्दगी जीने का नाम है , नासमझो पर इसको खराब न किया जाए।

Paani Paani Re!

(It was raining today. I was driving on the road covered with trees on both sides. There were these beautiful rain drops kissing the glasses of my car, but even before the moments were relished the wiper would wipe it and threw it off. Just then the poet in me woke up and jotted a few lines.) Photo shot on my phone @ Summer Camp पानी पानी रे! ये पानी ख़ामोशी से सेह रहा है , बच्चा बच्चा इसे बिना सोचे बहा रहा है। अब चलरही है पानीपर हम सबकी मनमानी , ऐसा चला थो रहेगा सिर्फ आँखों में पानी। ईट , पत्थर और बंजर ज़मी ही रह जायेगी , भूखे बच्चो को माँ पानी तक पिलाना पाएगी। पानी आखोसे नहीं नदियों मे बहना चाहेगी , जागो प्यारे ! वरना बहुत देर होजायेगी।