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Yet another day

Photo shot on my phone @ balcony

Out of the blues my younger daughter pestered me to go to play area with her. I had been avoiding to go to play area with her since several days. A sudden jerk or an immediate comeback from a forward bend gave a feeling of loosing balance. I have had this earlier and the doctor had termed it ‘vertigo’. It would stay for a few months and then vanish all of a sudden. Probably caused due to a liquid in the ear that controls the body. I never informed of it at home, for I knew they would not be able to help in any ways. On the other hand, I would get some sharp comments, or some mindful advises or some concerned looks and questions. 

Now, going to the play area would mean getting involved in the game with my daughter without which she would not let me go. I said I would join in only if she let me read a book while she played her game in the play area. To which she immediately agreed. With this agreement we went to the play area. I sat down and she got involved with her game along with my niece.

While I was answering to a friend’s message on phone, a known person dropped by. We got into a conversation. She mentioned about her sister’s son who had taken up science after 10th and finding hard to cope with the perspectives of people around rather than concentrating on his job at hand. Then she also mentioned about how kids should get involved with the subject and get deeper so that they could get into research field. The later was in particular to my elder daughter. I thought if I really want my daughter to be that. May be the answer would have been ‘yes’ several years back. But having seen the world around, having seen parents with autistic kids, children affected by hunter’s syndrome, colleagues who hated their job and just there because their parents wanted them to be; had changed my perspective.  

May be several years back I would have wanted my daughter to be the best in her chosen field, with all fame and status. That thought process has changed over years and for the good. Today if I question ‘What I really want my daughters to be?’; it would not be out of the world kinds. I just want my daughters to have healthy life and learn to enjoy the simplicities of life. For I know, for sure, that someone who learns to enjoy the simplicities of life will have the courage to face the adversities in them. Not only that, it is these simple pleasures of life that helps them evolve as a person. I pray god that they learn to enjoy every day of their life and stay happy eternally. By then my elder daughter dropped in with her granny to the play area which has the badminton court attached to it. I ended playing a couple of badminton game with her.

Yet another normal day where I felt blessed having normal kids leading a normal life, who love their mother despite of all her imperfections.


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