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Pottery Road: A new exploration

My love for green is a long connection. I was looking out for some earthen or ceramic pots online, to set up some green at home. I was consciously on a budget. Of course, the ceramics gave a classic look and I love them, but my mind was not very happy to spend so much on pots. Not that I could not afford ceramics, but that I did not want to. I was checking on economical stuffs that would still make a statement. That is when I landed on “Maati” Terracotta page. Their unique collection of pots absolutely caught my attention. I also quickly read about the lady behind ‘Maati’. How she had converted her 2 floored-house in Jayanagar, close to lalbagh, into a lovely Terracotta home, full of greens. She also had turned her passion into business. 

Photo shot on my phone @ Maati website on laptop

I read a little more about her. Her initial struggles to find pottery makers and other stuffs. That’s when I learnt about pottery road. I immediately checked its distance from my place. It was around 9 kms. I decided that I would visit. It being Saturday, most people were at home. Men were out for some work of theirs. I checked if my mom wanted to join, she had other plans. I checked with my kids, the elder had just finished her band session at school and returned, and was in no mood to spend the rest of her Saturday searching for pots in a lane. When the head had decided, the tail followed; my younger also refused.

I then checked with my sister-in-law. They (my bro and s-i-l) were on mission bedroom-to-green room. They had planned to make their bedroom look green as much as possible. They had the artificial green grass carpet purchased for their balcony. They were planning for some real greens. She was ready to join me for the exploration. Now I had a company. My niece joined in. Of course, she wanted to stay back. She already had indulged in some videos on laptop, staying back would mean more videos on laptop. I was just a silent spectator of mind games. None of the kids’ tricks worked to keep her back home. Her mother insisted to take her. Finally, we started post lunch. It was me, my s-i-l and my niece on mission – explore pottery road.

With GPS, hitting some wrong roads, enquiring some localities we at last landed on pottery road. It was a mini land that took us back in time. The narrow lane with houses on both sides oozed rustic charm. The busy street was covered with earthen wares of all kind. From water pots to planters, from plates to cooking vessels, from tiny diyas to massive Ganeshas, from plain vases to stylish home decors it absolutely had everything in its store.

Photo shot on my phone @ pottery road

At some houses the hands were playing with the clay and water to get the consistency right, in others the hands were busy shaping the kneaded clay on the wheel. There were few others where the hands were enjoying with colors to enhance the shape provided to the clay. It was a sight to see the clay come to life in stages through the hands of creator. There were many freshly-made-creations baking in the sun, sitting next to ready-to-sell-creations. It was difficult to say if the magic existed in the creator’s mind or the spinner’s wheel or the beholder’s eyes.

For sure the mind went crazy and ga-ga over the sheer size and many avataars of the earthen wares. But after careful calculations and thoughts on necessity, we made few purchases.

It was a place worth exploring and spending the Saturday afternoon on. Do drop by if you get a chance and soak in the beauty of simpler times.


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