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Back to the future!

Back to the future is a classic American science fiction film where the teenager Marty travels back in time to meet his future parents. Dis-pleasured by his ever-quarreling parents he travels back to make them fall in love all over again with each other. A movie that is so easily liked by kids, teenagers, adults and the oldies. It simply is timelessly wonderful. Something that reminded me of this movie a few days back was this app that is going so viral – the faceapp. An app that helps your face travel in time. It helps you modify the way you looked in the past, or travel to future and help you feel how you might look in your old days. I just thought would try it out and downloaded it. I was having some fun trying it out and I never realized how my daughters, mother and the house help got involved and we exchanged some giggles, chuckles and astonishment. The photos below gives all the reason for us to burst out into laughter.

Younger and Older ME

Mom and kids on faceapp

House-help on faceapp
This app which is build on AI not only managed to entertain us but also put me to thoughts and travel through my imaginations. I am sure there would be time when a time machine would be a reality, probably that would be a time when I may not exist. I wonder how messed up things would be then. Everybody wanting to change life the way they want it and entangled in others and their own modifications. I was pulled back from my imagination to the present when my younger daughter nudged me to bind her textbook.

Few things are best left in its true natural form without human interventions I thought as I continued attending my daughter. However there is no harm trying an app that can bring some humor into life and help capture those moments. Did you capture your moments? Try it right now, its free. 


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