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India of my dreams!

Over years many great personalities have painted their own idea of how India should be. One such person is Mahatma Gandhiji. While Gandhiji addresses India as his Karmabhumi (land of duty), his way of life sings his love for the mother land. Today, looking at the drama on coalition government, that has been showcased in the state, his “India of my dreams” looks only like a dream. It is very true when he says that India is a nation that has retained its ancient institutions. He also lays out that these treasures of ancient institution are overlaid with superstitions and errors. But today’s India and its values are overlaid by a lot of other things than just superstitions, that we truly need to dig deep to scrape this overlay out. I doubt if digging would suffice. ☹ He mentioned that India would stay the pride of his heart and he was wedded to her for he owed everything to her. He indeed dedicated his life to the service of India through the religion of non-violence. He b

Mothers on Wheels

This Monday afternoon, I was all planned to visit ‘ Maati ’ at Jayanagar to make some pottery purchases. (I did mention about Maati in my blog, Pottery Road: A new exploration ) I was close to Lalbagh with a lady who happens to be my mother’s yoga student and her friend. This lady, being an activist, keeps meeting a lot of people every now and then. That day we happened to be out together for some work, which did not work out for reasons not in our control. Post that work I had planned to visit ‘ Maati ’ while she had plans to meet a friend of hers and take her home. Both of us were unaware of the plans we had jotted in our mind. When the work that we visited for, did not take place she requested me if I could favour her by picking her friend and by dropping them home. A little disappointed, I said Ok. I had to park my plan aside and pick hers since I had taken the responsibility of dropping her back home after our work. She was with me for my work. It was past noon, so we decid

Can’t relate to the related

It has been years; Mom has never volunteered for a tablet; being a yoga buff, she has always avoided doctors and tablets, looking for natural remedies. Off late she hurt her back; being a stubborn lady (I appreciate her WILL on a certain things, without her stubbornness, she would not have learnt riding 2-wheeler 10 plus years back at the age of 50 plus), she tried to digest the pain for 2 days; finally gave in and asked me to take her to the doctor. We went to the doctor, she hid her actual pain and stuck to her statement of minimalism on her pain.  She needed a confirmation from doctor that it was just a muscle catch and not an injury to bone.  Doctor was very positive and knew the way to handle her. He asserted it was not muscle related.  Since my mother was in denial of severe pain, he asked to wait for a week to go for an X-ray. He prescribed pain killers for the time being. Then he said “It is better to avoid pain killers and take precautions rather than ta

Back to the future!

‘ Back to the future ’ is a classic American science fiction film where the teenager Marty travels back in time to meet his future parents. Dis-pleasured  by his ever- quarreling  parents he travels back to make them fall in love all over again with each other. A movie that is so easily liked by kids, teenagers, adults and the oldies. It simply is timelessly wonderful. Something that reminded me of this movie a few days back was this app that is going so viral – the faceapp . An app that helps your face travel in time. It helps you modify the way you looked in the past, or travel to future and help you feel how you might look in your old days. I just thought would try it out and downloaded it. I was having some fun trying it out and I never realized  how my daughters, mother and the house help got involved and we exchanged some giggles, chuckles and astonishment . The photos below gives all the reason for us to burst out into laughter. Younger and Older ME

Tujko mirchi lagi tho mai kya karu?

You are listening to @radiomirchi (mirchi 95) as you drive the kids to school. The ‘da channel’ as my daughter calls it. It’s not the soft article “the” but the trendy hard “da”. “Da” is something her friend in school is very used to and my daughter often listens to. She remembers this channel, because of the “da” usage in Mirchi 95. Destination-school reached. The kids get down and wave a bye with a flying kiss. Then you drive to the park for the morning walk, you try to plan the rest of the day and eagerly wait for the “shuruaat shayari” thrown by @mirchijimmy on his morning routines. You switch from car to mobile for your morning josh on radio as you walk into the park. You are on high volume to listen to this guy and not get distracted by the other radio that’s running on the public gym in that park. This witty guy always manages to leave you with a smile, either with his twists on his rhyming shuruaat shayaris or providing you with less known info about your ow

I am OK, life is OK

Relations are never ever easy. At least not as easy as concluding LHS (left hand side) = RHS (right hand side)   as in a mathematical equation or chemical equation ???? and declaring “hence proved.” As I write this phrase, I remember a lady. She often declares “hence proved” at situations where she thinks is a game while people are seriously discussing matters of concern or putting forward their opinion. Though I remain silent, earlier I used to get irritated but now I smile within. I have known her better over years and I understand her nature. Probably it comes to her out of force of habit. In life, unlike mathematical equation or chemical equation, one can work only on his/her side of the equation; the other side has to come from another end, and he/she is helpless about the other end. As we work on our side of the equation there are times when we hop from one compromise to other, sometimes being bitterly disappointed when the knight in shining amour turns out to be the op

If I had my child to raise all over again

The article on the newspaper that caught my attention today “The pre-millennial needs to grow up?” As I completed it, I remembered Helen Keller who was both blind and deaf.   When asked by someone as to what could be worse than being blind, she said “having eyes but yet not having vision.” Isn’t that what we are in a state today? As a society we build so much pressure on these little ones that we rob them of their childhood. And we yet fail to see it. ☹ As a learning parent I particularly find it hard at times to decide how to teach and what to teach. To let them be tech savvy or be human? be competitive or be happy? And when I am caught up in these whirlpools, my small wonders surprise me with all-new teaching of life. I must confess, being a parent, I have learnt lot more from my kids than what I have taught them. I feel indebted to them. At times I wish I could stop them grow and keep learning from them; for these children are far better than we adults are. Be it adaptin

Yet another day

Photo shot on my phone @ balcony Out of the blues my younger daughter pestered me to go to play area with her. I had been avoiding to go to play area with her since several days. A sudden jerk or an immediate comeback from a forward bend gave a feeling of loosing balance. I have had this earlier and the doctor had termed it ‘vertigo’. It would stay for a few months and then vanish all of a sudden. Probably caused due to a liquid in the ear that controls the body. I never informed of it at home, for I knew they would not be able to help in any ways. On the other hand, I would get some sharp comments, or some mindful advises  or some concerned looks and questions.  Now, going to the play area would mean getting involved in the game with my daughter without which she would not let me go. I said I would join in only if she let me read a book while she played her game in the play area. To which she immediately agreed. With this agreement we went to the play area. I sat down and s

A portrait - my little chef

Posting a portrait for today. I was surfing through my photo gallery.  This little chef caught my attention. The photo was taken a long time back, when this small wonder of mine was all ready to cook without fire at school.  She was very excited about it. More so because of her chef cap and the apron. She prepared a sweet dish out of beetroot, jaggery and grated fresh coconut. I felt like sketching her. And here she is. Used a charcoal and a HB pencil for this. Took around 1 hour 10 minutes to do this.  Sketching after a long time. There were phone calls, constant knocks on the door that were playing with my mind. Of course I knew they were testing me out. But then I guess sketching helps develop patience to overgrow a lot of things.

Pottery Road: A new exploration

My love for green is a long connection. I was looking out for some earthen or ceramic pots online, to set up some green at home. I was consciously on a budget. Of course, the ceramics gave a classic look and I love them, but my mind was not very happy to spend so much on pots. Not that I could not afford ceramics, but that I did not want to. I was checking on economical stuffs that would still make a statement. That is when I landed on “Maati” Terracotta page. Their unique collection of pots absolutely caught my attention. I also quickly read about the lady behind ‘Maati’. How she had converted her 2 floored-house in Jayanagar, close to lalbagh, into a lovely Terracotta home, full of greens. She also had turned her passion into business.  Photo shot on my phone @ Maati website on laptop I read a little more about her. Her initial struggles to find pottery makers and other stuffs. That’s when I learnt about pottery road. I immediately checked its distance from my place. It