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Thank you, God, for everything!

Photo shot during a trek to Mandaragiri on my phone

Yesterday night. It was past 9. I was lying down with a novel in my hand but my mind was in the ikigai mode. Ikigai is a Japanese secret to long and happy life. I have been following it ever since I learnt about it in 2016. I thank God for all the blessing he showers on me on a daily basis. If not anything for that day I always have these 6 things to thank for (probably in the same order)

My kids, the one who are my day-to-day inspiration. At times they drive me crazy. All 3 of them. But they manage to make my day worth it.

My mother, the one who has been an excellent support system. If I would say I could whatever I did because I had her unconditional support, I would not be exaggerating. She is a bundle of energy. Not just me, she has all genuine praises from her daughter-in-law as well. In-fact she told me that her D-I-L has written a note for her with all praises. I haven’t seen it but must be true for I have heard my sister-in-law say in one of our conversations “I am like Maami (mother-in-law). Always working and caring for others.”

My dad, the one who loves me the most.

My brother, the one who stood and stands by me when I need him the most. I know we have a very different school of thoughts regarding many things but we are there for each other at any given point.

My husband, the one who loves his job so much that he has no time for day-to-day chores. That way I get a chance to have my ways of doing things most of the time. And I love my freedom 😉(With freedom comes a great responsibility as well)

My in-laws, who have been generous and always treat me like their daughter. 

While I was ikigai-ing, my younger daughter came crying. Conversing with her I realized she had a mis-understanding with her uncle while playing carom. I tried convincing her. I told “Crying won’t solve the problem. You need to voice your opinion.”

She kept quite while I pampered her with a hug and a pat on her back. There was silence. I returned to the book in my hand. I had hardly read a couple of lines when she questioned “Amma, when does God listen to our prayers?”

I said “He listens to us based on our deeds.” Then I questioned her to figure if she is feeling low for something in particular “But why are you asking me this?”

She replied “You know I chanted ramaskandam hanumantham (the sloka to keep bad dreams away) yesterday, but yet I had bad dreams.”

Relaxed I said “Probably your prayers were superficial and not genuine. Today you try this way. Close your eyes. Think of HIM and chant the mantra. I am sure you will have only good dreams.”

Then she got up and with all ears she questioned “Amma, how can God answer everyone at the same time. I pray. There are so many others who also pray. How does he know whom to answer?”

I was a little worried now as to how to explain her the spiritual side of her question by keeping her interest intact. I got up and sat. I pulled her to my side. I engulfed her shoulder and thought of an answer to her question. Then I said “God has a special device which records everybody’s movie. He also has a worker called Chitragupta who watches these movie and marks a thumbs up for every good deed and a thumbs down for every bad one.

With all curiosity my daughter asked “Movie for every single person?”

I smiled and continued. “Yes, movie for every single person. Then when we pray, God can see the number of thumbs up and thumbs down that we have earned. Based on that God decides whose prayer to be answered.”

I was happy to see that my daughter was convinced. She asked “What should we do to get thumbs up?”

I said “Do good. Think good. Look at positives in others. Ignore the negatives. Above all be thankful for what you have. As I told her this, my school days prayer rang in my mind….. Thank you, God, for the food we eat. Thank you, God, for the birds that sing. Thank you, God for everything.”

I was startled by what came next. “Amma, Kush(a guy in her class) is bold. I am not. He talks to all teachers without fear. But you know what? he kicked a boy so hard that he bled. That too for taking an eraser.”

She indirectly hinted he has been blessed to be bold while he has a thumbs down. I smiled and replied. “One needs no blessing from God to be bold. Your teacher will not eat you up if you talk to her. Nor will she scold you for having a friendly chat with her. You just need to talk.”

She laughed at my reply. By now she was her bubbly self. She said she would join me back after the carom game and walked out with a smile.

Contended, I resumed reading.


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