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Faith plants the seed, Love makes it grow.

As I dropped the kids to school and returned home this morning, I picked up the papers to grab few things of my interest. What caught my attention was “The travelling garden.”

I had read of this BMTC guy, Narayanappa on WhatsApp. Reading this article, I felt sometimes we just make reasons like no space, no time, no light, no money to plant a seed. But it is never that, it is just lack of will in combination of ignorance of what would be earth like without plants. Its scary to imagine the state of earth at the rate in which urbanization is abandoning plants/trees.

Thanks to people like Narayanappa who are adding value not just to their life but to the lives of others in small ways possible. It clearly shows when there is dedication, all reasons find its way. Infact it is true for any work. All that matters is mind.

As I finished reading this I popped out of my seat and started counting as to how many plants I have been growing and nurturing after we shifted to our new rented house on May 2nd.  Eleven! I thought was a good number to start with.

Photos shot on my phone. The ELEVEN - I am in love with :)

I also had an acute nostalgia for my days of growing banana plants and some veggies in the 1st floor balcony of my previously rented house.

Photos shot on my phone. NOSTALGIA - The love for growing veggies at home :)

I grow plants for many reasons. To please my soul, to summon my patience, to play with the elements of panchabhutas (Space – Akasha, Wind – Vayu, Fire – Agni, Water – Apas, Earth – Prithvi), for fresh air, for nostalgia. However, it is mainly for the joy of seeing it grow. It has a message. When the seeds sprout and pushes itself breaking the earth, when the buds bloom breaking open its sepal, when the flowers wither to make way for fruit, it strongly says “We break to grow.” 

I intend to grow more plants in the coming days. Do you intend to grow one?


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