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Seeds that you grow

Seeds might be tiny, but the capacity that it holds to grow into a tree is humongous. Its always a pleasure to watch a seed grow into a plant and then into a tree. During the growth process, the struggle it undergoes, the connection it makes with the other elements of nature are truly admirable. Photo shot on my phone @ home It is a shiny deed, To sow a tiny seed, And to give all its need. Some sunshine, Some raindrops, Some air, And a lot of care. Deep in the dirt, Ready to spurt, Covered in the dark, Struggles to reach the light spark, Isn’t planting a seed and watching its growth measure, Something that brings us true pleasure?

Undivided attention

I always found it hard to teach my younger daughter. It has been easy teaching the elder one. The elder likes being surrounded by people while studying and enjoys group studying. It did not bother her if I stole a little time out of her study time and used it for the younger’s query answering. She obliged. If I used the same with younger, it never worked. I was going nuts.  One day out of frustration I blurted at my younger “Why do you two behave and respond so differently? I am unable to handle it.”  She responded with her bubbly smile “Simple, we are two different people.”  The answer was indeed simple. It took some time and pondering over the matter for me to understand. ‘One instruction fit all’ does not work in a one-to-one learning. Teaching is an art and I have always loved teaching kids. It’s a different story when we are doing a class room teaching or teaching someone else’s kid. In a class room teaching it’s always, one instruction and the kids adjust themselves

Dare to be beautiful

(The water lilies with their wide spread leaves in the pond grabbed my attention when I attended a marriage function held at Panchavati the pavilion in Kanakapura road, Bangalore. Below is the photo shot on my phone and my poem as I pondered over these lilies) Photo shot on my phone @ Panchavati the pavilion The solitude of the still waters, Were surpassed by the dreaming lilies. Smiling at the shining sun; Unfolding the beauty within. They signaled their ease From the muddy setting like a tease. Round elephant ear like leaves Floating with elegance Formed a platform for identity of water drops Whose recognition would otherwise be lost. Their presence on the leaf stored a secret for happiness – Be attached yet detached.

Key to happy relationship

Relationships are always 2 way Kitney ajeeb rishtey hai yaha pe Do pal milte hai saath saath chalte hai Jab mod aaye toh bach ke nikalte hai .................... (How bizarre the relationships are here People meet and walk with each other for a brief moment They feint, walking away, when any turning point comes............. .....) A beautiful song from Page 3 on FM as I drove back home after dropping the kids to school. Relationships are very strange I thought. Strange because they are the ones which give us the most beautiful moments of life while they are only to be blamed for our sufferings. Great relationships are great not because they have no problems, but because people involved truly care for one another. A few days back my mother asked me to dial a number for her (she does not own a mobile phone). I asked her if it was urgent. She replied that it was not urgent but important.   I dialed the number and handed over the phone to my mother. I could

Outgrowing, the pain

Mother's money plant in her old pot - shot on my phone My colleagues used to tell me I have insight. May be. But if that is true, it is also true that it comes with pain. Yesterday post noon I had symptoms of migraine.  Was it the noon sun? Was it half cooked moong(sprouted green gram) that I ate in the morning? or Was it some food that I had in the marriage function? Or Was it last night’s disturbed sleep? As usual my attempt to figure the reason for migraine failed and I was convinced Mr. Sun to be the culprit. I wanted to rest before my migraine intensified. There was time when I was popping 10 pills per month for migraine. However, it has been 16 months since I depended on pills for instant relief. A forced puke and a good amount of sleep does the trick for me. Kids were back from school and migraine had managed to grow. I knew I needed that escape in sleep to not let migraine intensify. By then my brother entered and asked if I wanted to join him for the pot

Joy of caring

Photo shot on my phone @ apartment garden It was my decision to drop and pick kids from school ever since 2 years.   I want to. At least as long as I can. Who knows where they would be when they take up their higher education and if I would get a chance to do that?  However I did not think this way few years ago.  When I was working for a company and I had to drop them in the morning and then make it to office, I always thought that I was losing on time. I thought I should probably look out for a private transport or school bus. Doing so I thought I could leave office early and come back home early to spend time with kids. Coming home early, never happened. However early I went to office, I could never come back early. Reason one being, life at my office began post 12 so obviously it ended late. People dropped in late and worked late hours. Second there was no work from home option or office transport that would force some discipline. Third was more a social mindset obl

Follow your heart

We live in a world of choices. Some times we are forced into a situation but yet the choice on how we respond to it is left to us. I have heard people say “I feel guilty”; then I would say the choice has been wrong. Probably in the fight between the heart and brain; brain took the lead; as it commonly happens. This poem is for all those who dared to follow their heart.  I believe in rule breaking When it comes to self-making; The path, is less travelled and unseen. Yet, I want to follow my heart and find my green. In the road that is less travelled I may not please anyone, I way not tease anyone, I may refrain from complain, I may fail to sustain, But I will learn. Learn to move on and give a reason to smile. I might cross your path but may not stop. On my path, I will make memories cherished for centuries I am sure, it will not be less than any treasuries. It will not be easy, Nor will it be cheesy. My path and I, may not be perfect, Yet

Thank you, God, for everything!

Photo shot during a trek to Mandaragiri on my phone Yesterday night. It was past 9. I was lying down with a novel in my hand but my mind was in the ikigai mode. Ikigai is a Japanese secret to long and happy life. I have been following it ever since I learnt about it in 2016. I thank God for all the blessing he showers on me on a daily basis. If not anything for that day I always have these 6 things to thank for (probably in the same order) My kids , the one who are my day-to-day inspiration. At times they drive me crazy. All 3 of them. But they manage to make my day worth it. My mother , the one who has been an excellent support system. If I would say I could whatever I did because I had her unconditional support, I would not be exaggerating. She is a bundle of energy. Not just me, she has all genuine praises from her daughter-in-law as well. In-fact  she told me that her D-I-L has written a note for her with all praises. I haven’t seen it but must be true for I have hear

Breaking stereotype

Yesterday evening, as I rode my elder daughter (aged 11.5 yrs) on my mom's 2-wheeler to a shop, she questioned “Amma, what is that you wanted to become as a child?” It was a simple question but it created a churn in my mind as I am not currently working. Not working was not a voluntary decision. Circumstances had forced it on me. Just to get her off my back regarding this question of hers, I told “That’s past baby, why do we have to think on that. Let’s focus on now. Right now, at this moment I am extremely happy. I do what I really want to, not because somebody else wants me to. And that is what matters.” From the rare view mirror, I noticed that she was not convinced, or probably I can put it this way – she did not realize the depth of the words. I asked her “What is that you want to become?” She said “I don’t know. Sometimes I think of this and sometimes I think of that. I am not sure. Only thing I am sure of is that I don’t want to become a computer engineer.”

A walk in the park

Look what I spotted in the park when I went for a walk. The weather was really hot; but the poet in me was ready to jot. Here is the poem I wrote when I spotted a cucumber beetle. Also clipped to the poem is the photo I shot 😊

Faith plants the seed, Love makes it grow.

As I dropped the kids to school and returned home this morning, I picked up the papers to grab few things of my interest. What caught my attention was “The travelling garden.” I had read of this BMTC guy, Narayanappa on WhatsApp. Reading this article, I felt sometimes we just make reasons like no space, no time, no light, no money to plant a seed. But it is never that, it is just lack of will in combination of ignorance of what would be earth like without plants. Its scary to imagine the state of earth at the rate in which urbanization is abandoning plants/trees. Thanks to people like Narayanappa who are adding value not just to their life but to the lives of others in small ways possible. It clearly shows when there is dedication, all reasons find its way. Infact it is true for any work. All that matters is mind. As I finished reading this I popped out of my seat and started counting as to how many plants I have been growing and nurturing after we shifted to our n

Lesson of persistence through Onions!

It is so easy to quit when we confront obstacles and opposition. It was a day when I was dispirited. I had gone through a day where known facts were easily murdered with words like “I am not aware” or “I don’t know” just to be at safer place. Circumstances had made me think, if I had taken a decision which would only make be feel dejected. Such thoughts occupied my mind. All these, while I was driving to pick kids back from school. I parked the car and gathered them from the school gate. They jumped into the car. As usual, they were at their high spirits. “Mom, can you buy us gobi munchurian today?” questioned my younger daughter, aged about 7 years. “No. Not today. There is jack fruit that has been peeled and kept for you by ajji at home.” I asserted. “How come you got the little one (My brother’s daughter) with you that too without ajji?” questioned my elder daughter, aged about 12 years. “Ajji has gone to yoga class. That’s why I came w