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Chaat se Chat tak :)

A few months ago, resting on a jhula seat, I was enjoying homemade Tikki puris. That jhula is no more a jhula. Our house owner objected to anykind of punctures on the walls for the jhula-chains, so it’s just a seat now. However, it holds a very special place in my heart, for whenever I look at it, 100 memories swing. Some other day on that, let's get back to the Tikki puris.  Chaats take a special mention on my foodie blog. At home, as kids, while amma ensured we enjoyed tasty food by cooking sweets, savories and taking us for street foods, we were also introduced to bland healthy food at an early age, due to pappa's BP. Pom-pom cycle’s jaggery ice-candies, Long glass gadbad icecreams, 2 Rs Bajal, corner shop bonda-bajjis, Movies followed by mantap icecreams, Next to Hanuman temple masala dosas, Capsicum bajji chaat, Diwali kajaayas, Summer holidays chaklis, Granny's pingani jar mango pickles, Function foods, Temple foods, and an endless list of food memories gifted by my p
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Happy Engineer's day!

A few years back, when I was actually low, I made a hard statement to my co-worker. I said I felt like I had wasted 13 years of my life in the company. To which he cooly replied that nothing goes waste.  It took years for me to get over certain things. Job loss was never a setback, but the way people treated me even after knowing that I was fighting out a few things was a great hit. When I started blogging as a means of the vent out, I mulled over my years in the company to pick out a few moments that gave me life lessons. That of course was a psychological kick to self-console that after all 13 years was not a waste. I slowly build on my lost self-trust.  Today as I was driving to the dentist's clinic with my father, my ears were on FM. RJ Sarah was speaking. She wished people a happy engineer's day and stated that her brother and many like her brother have wasted years in getting the Engineering degree with no life in it. I smiled. She made a statement very similar to the one

Joy of Jumping!

  Amidst the pain, I see the joy of jumping that I could not resist. So here I capture the same in few lines. On an untravelled road At a reflecting point Jumping into the depth of the sea Picking the wings and flying sky high Watching the beauty widespread.     Everything around, Same as everything within. Curious to know the difference Again diving in and flying high. Repeating again and again.     The joy of jumping observes What is within Is observed outside The only thing not changing Is the change.     Life is knowing The joy of jumping Within pain. Whatever said and done Everything that is, is the change.  

The Mind Walk!

Unable to sleep, I chose to wake up and capture my thoughts. It turned into a poem with 2 of my favorite movies - peaceful warrior and mind walk.  I chose one as the title without a second thought.  At home, on earth, A sleepless night I watch 2 aliens On either side. One standing close yet very distant, Another distant yet I am its part.   What a nightmare!   Both operating On selfish motives Ripping me apart.   What a nightmare!   One trying to character assassinate to eat me up. Other trying to hold me as a toy to play with me. I stand all alone Watching them act.   What a nightmare!   I was being ripped And was unasked. I chose to be Fearless Peaceful warrior. I smile at them, Enjoying  My mind walk!

The art of messing up several things at once.

Years ago I had been to a workshop. I had a very major carry away from it. Probably that is when I started superficially looking at my nature of work. Not just mine, but other females around. It was during that time that I had my hands on the book "Why men lie and women cry?" and I could actually relate to how women are hard-wired for multi-tasking and have great pride in boosting their multi-tasking abilities.  The picture of multi-tasking in the book conflicted with my major carry away from the workshop. But gradually I realized that multitasking is a myth. I wanted to pass this on to kids.  On another day, it was my daughter's friend's birthday, there were around 5 kids at home. That was the right time. I wanted them to demo the learning from my workshop. Each of them was asked to pick a piece of paper. Then they were timed while they wrote A to Z followed by 1 to 26. Post that they were asked to turn in the sheet of paper, they were timed again. This time they wer

Unasked fearless flower!

My husband is interested in the first try of crispy rolls.  My brother wants to walk on the light pink cake. My sister-in-law is interested to play jiya jale jaan jale all the time. Walking friend dreams of a green parrot whose throat is choked with pain. Another friend makes me wait for a very long time. Oh, few other talks of work I accomplish on my laptop with details defined. Looking at the craziness around, I turn into an unasked fearless flower amidst neelkurunji divine. External cannot be controlled, it is always at its best to find its pleasure in others' pain.   I know only to control the internal without disturbing other chains.

The biggest challenge of life - parenting?

Somebody once asked me why do I find parenting very challenging. I did not know the answer then. I thought probably I was working and my inability to spend time with kids made me feel that parenting was challenging. Gradually when I dug into websites, books and learned from other parents I realized that it's not the quantity but the quality that matters. I evolved as a parent with my trial and error methods and learned the biggest lesson of not comparing my parenting with others. One size fits all, never works with parenting, and certainly not with siblings. Yesterday as I was mulling over my years of parenting, I still found parenting a very challenging job. Why? Because the greatest challenge of parenting is to let the child be and not mould them into a mini version of me. Phew! that makes it into a lifetime of learning. And to be a student of life is always challenging. :)