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With Diwali vacations on, my younger left to native with her uncle, aunt, and the youngest (my niece). My hubby wanted to relax his holidays so went to Karwar. My mother strongly wanted to join him along with her friends. So they are off there. Universe indeed conspires. Hahaha! I write something on my blog, and things and talks at home take twists accordingly. Sometimes I wonder if I should have left the blog anonymous as I had started it.  My husband, being the protective father of his car, does not let me drive. And I usually avoid long travels in the car, unless I am driving. Motion sickness has always tolled me. I can be seen sleeping when I travel long distances as a passenger. And I miss all the fun. Father, as usual, didn't want to travel because of his age and other factors. My elder did not want to travel because she had her school commitments. So, we three are holidaying at home. I was happy cooking for him. And my daughter was happy cooking for herself.  As I sat with a
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My daughter's friends were in a fight last evening while she was scootering. One of them scolded the other. One abused the other to be an idiot. The other angrily questioned what an idiot meant. My daughter updated this happening at night as we were spending time with each other. I was curious to know what the other answered. However, my daughter was away from them to listen to that part.   She continued, “Idiot is  I   D o  I shq  O nly  T umse. That is what you used during school days. Isn’t it?” I laughed. I was surprised by what she remembered. I never use ‘idiot’ when I speak.  Scolding from me is, at the most, a raise in my pitch. I don’t remember having even used monkeys or donkeys for my kids. There is hardly any verbal abusive usage at my house too. With the advent of media today, abuse has undergone a makeover. Hahaha! As kids, at the max, we turned out to be some animals. We get to hear some typical Kannada slang while we are on the passenger seats of a family outing. Le

Mysuru from Bengaluru ......... part 4 :)

  Continuing from   Mysuru from Bengaluru Mini-me enjoyed the butterflies of joy all around as we talked and walked. I wanted to get back at the earliest. My phone flashed a new number. The voice on the other end said, “Madam, I am Abu. Your contact was given to me by X. X told me there is a problem with your car. What is the problem? Where exactly are you?”    Searching for the name of the lane on the Shop boards, I responded, “I am in a lane of garages and, I don’t know its name. My car may be around 4–5 Km away from me. I am unaware of the exact location of the car. I don’t even know of a landmark that can guide you. I will send you my current location. Please, get a battery along with the tools kit. The car needs a jump start. Push start may not work.”   “It will cost you Rs 500. Is that fine?” quipped the man.   “Yeah. I will pay you Rs 500. You start from your place. I will talk to some localite and update you on the location of the car.” I responded.   He hung th

Mysuru from Bengaluru ......... continued part 3 :)

Continuing from   Mysuru from Bengaluru I walked on the footpath of Mysuru, not to catch the lights and poms of the city but, to search for a Mechanic to fix the battery of my car. The city of lights indeed reminded me of Paris. I wondered as to what the current generation enjoyed more - a virtual trip to Paris or a street walk during Mysuru Dasara.  I informed mini-me that I would look for help for not more than an hour. Such conversations with mini-me helped me get away from the crowd and lights of the festival. I had walked around 2 Kms.   On one corner of the road junction, I noticed some policemen on their bikes exchanging talks. I bumped straight into them. I inquired as to where I could find some help to get my car to jump start. The very first question was whether I was alone and that there was no man with me. To which I responded that I was accompanied by some more in the car, all females. I was looked upon like an alien. I probed again to get information on finding help.


One of my friends calls and says they are neither happy nor sad but are stuck. They say that they are not afraid of the social norms or the society but afraid to open up to a counselor. They happen to believe the current status is because of karma of previous birth. They happen to say why to do anything at all when they are neither happy nor sad. They admitted to the addiction to the Internet for certain things and found it hard to get over it. They confess the family is incapable of helping out for they are tied to societal bindings. No amount of my telling got into their head that they are living in a fantasy world. Why not, was their impulsive reaction. I felt the need to get through the phone, reach them, hold their arms, shake them and say, “because it’s the question of their health, the question of their life.”   I could sense their immense knowledge on varied subjects that lacked the wisdom to choose from it. It appeared as though that Google was finding it hard to prioritiz

Mysuru from Bengaluru ......... continued part 2 :)

Continuing from Mysuru from Bengaluru One might have seen people conspiring, a common picture these days. Have you ever seen the universe conspiring? It looks like it does. Corona was within the head for nearly a year. On that, we got stuck in the car for more than an hour. Also, people and vehicles were moving closer. We wanted an escape. It looked impossible.   I wanted to stretch. I felt the need for my car to rest as well. I turned the key off. We were then busy in our talks. After 5 minutes or so, the vehicles behind started honking to cover a few steps gap between my car and the front vehicle. The car wasn’t ready to move. It did not budge from its position. My elder was perplexed, “Amma! Not again”, were her exact words. The car battery had drained completely.   That very moment I knew, the car needed a jump start. With experience I knew, a push start would not work, and there was no scope for it. I half-closed the windows and got down from the car. I looked at the traffic behi

Parva - A celebration called life!

We are in an age of exaggeration. And it’s very evident. Else why would a husband need social media to wish his wife a marriage anniversary when she is around his arms? Why would a family need gathering on zoom when they stay in the same building? Social media have robbed us of the simple joys of life. It has become more about slicing and projecting data that can earn in one way or the other. Exaggerations in social media have led to unrealistic comparisons and eventually to depressions. Mental health these days is of great concern. Of course, I don’t deny the fact that social media has its benefits. But the way it is progressing is not very healthy. Isn’t it food for thought?   Amidst OTI communication, I had an opportunity to witness a theater play at Ravindrakalaashetra. Thanks to a dear friend who booked a ticket, assuming I would join and they would not have to worry about transport. However, it was a Dutch treat.   We packed our food a little more than individual needs, a